No Samba Quero Viver by Natália Spadini

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Natália Spadini’s “No Samba Quero Viver” EP captures the heart of traditional Brazilian music with a fresh and modern approach. Her vocals are very seasoned and unique and her originals are inspired by old-school Brazilian composers and interpreters such as Elis Regina, Maria Rita and Roberta Sá. “In Samba, I Want To Live” – English title – invites you to a journey through Brazilian culture and inspiration.

  • Produced by Bruno Justi
  • Co-produced by Natália Spadini and Marcelo Bucater
  • Executive Producer: Brass Luna
  • Recorded and Mixed in Los Angeles by Benjamin Orth
  • Mastered by Andre Knecht
  • Additional recording: Hélio Kazuo, Luccas Martins
  • Arranged by: Natália Spadini, Vitor Melo, Bruno Justi, Marcelo Bucater, Jeffrey Goodkind, Isaias Elpes, Letícia Dias, Rafael Stanguini, Vinícius Nascimento
  • Performed by: Natalia Spadini, Bruno Justi, Jeffrey Goodkind, Isaias Elpes, Marcelo Bucater, Luccas Martins, Vinicius Nicoletti, Elias Silva Maria, Jessica Jeza Vautor