Masumi Trio’s EP Release

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Masumi Trio’s EP Release

MASUMI Trio toured in Tokyo, Japan for the first time in 2014, performing with band members Bruno Justi, and Diego Ruvalcaba from Brazil and Mexico. The tour included the support of GRAMMY-nominated artist Nathan East, and many other supporters to make the tour a memorable success. After the tour, the trio returned to California and spent the remainder of 2015 recording Tokyo Tour EP. The EP is inspired by the vibrant and invaluable experiences the trio had through out the tour in Japan. At a place where the tradition and the pop culture collide, where loud/crazy and polite co-exists in the middle of the city. It is also a memoir of the Tokyo tour. The tracks took a new musical direction from MASUMI’s 1st EP with a new sound and adding dynamic electric guitar and inspiring rhythmic elements that awaken the beat within her lyrical songs,The trio melds the unique contributions of a talented and collaborative international band with her deeply personal songs. Enjoy!



Produced by MASUMI, Bruno Justi and Diego Ruvalcaba.


New single 'Take The Time' is out


'Imagination' Music Video is out


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