Creator of the web-series 'Sounds Two Inspire', member of LA-based pop-rock group 'Empire Assembly', founder of 'Little Brazil Trio' and guitarist for several projects (scroll down for music-related credits).

I am passionate about music. I also love working with photography, design, filming, branding, and marketing. Every day I am inspired by photographs, videos, a simple chat at a coffee shop, or when I see a small local business with a creative branding strategy.

In 2011, I moved from São Paulo to Los Angeles to work in music after years working in a corporate environment. The reason I made this move was because I realized that we spend too much time in our lives living the life that we are told is the ideal one, but which is actually just the most safe one. This fear of living outside of the “ideal” prevents us from living life missions, and of pursuing the vocations that we love. We wake up every morning already rushing to keep up with our tight schedules and in the race to keep up; we forget the greater purpose of our life. Don’t forget yours!

Eu sou apaixonado por música. Também amo trabalhar com fotografia, branding, vídeos, e marketing. Diariamente sou inspirado por imagens, vídeos, um simples papo numa cafeteria, ou quando vejo uma pequena empresa local com uma estratégia criativa de branding.

Em 2011, me mudei de São Paulo para Los Angeles para trabalhar com música depois de anos trabalhando em ambiente empresarial. Fiz essa mudança depois de perceber que nós passamos muito tempo vivendo a vida que nos disseram ser a ideal, mas que na verdade é só uma visão deturpada de segurança. Esse medo de sair do “ideal” nos impede de viver nossos sonhos e de buscar as vocações que amamos. Acordamos todas as manhãs para dar conta de agendas apertadas em busca do sucesso financeiro e material, e nessa corrida, acabamos esquecendo o propósito maior de nossa vida. Não se esqueça do seu!


JAPAN – guitarist for the Japanese pop singer Masumi. Performances include a private show for NATHAN EAST in Tokyo and an opening show for MOBY at NAMM Foundation in Los Angeles

USA / HAWAII – guitarist and arranger for the American jazz and R&B singer Kira Hooks

USA / CA and NV – tour manager for the LA based pop group Bonavox with Allen Stone

BRAZIL – tour manager, MD and guitarist for the Brazilian singer Carlos Ancelmo. Performances with rock band A Priori and members of the hard-core group Sepultura


With renowned musicians and producers, such as Andrew Murdock (Alice Cooper, Linking Park), John Avila (Oingo Boingo, Steve Vai), Kacee Clanton (Broadway), Andre Knecht (Warner Bros.), Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai), Gene Coye (Santana), John Avila (Oingo Boingo, Steve Vai), Jerry Watts (Herbie Hancock), Andreas Kisser and Derrick Green (Sepultura), Hélio Ziskind.

Venues include Astro Hall (Tokyo, Japan), Paramount Pictures (LA), NAMM Foundation and NAMM Center Stage (LA), El Rey Theater (LA), EA Games (LA), Hard Rock Cafe (Hawaii), Tom Brasil (Brazil), Record TV (Brazil), Globo Internacional (Brazil, Los Angeles).


Empire Assembly (LA based pop group)
“Hush”, “One Day”, “Take the Time” (singles)

Homens de Marte (Brazilian rock band)
“Live at The Hobby Shop Studios” (full length live record / dvd)

Natália Spadini (Brazilian jazz singer)
“No Samba Quero Viver” (EP)

Carlos Ancelmo (Brazilian rock singer)
“Metrópole” (full length album)

Masumi (Japanese Pop singer)
“My Love”, “Ain’t no Perfect Love”, “Sinking Boat”, “I Am” (singles)

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